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Essential Steps to Prepare for Parking Lot Striping

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Undoubtedly, new parking lot striping is a smart investment in your commercial property. To ensure that your parking lot striping project goes smoothly from start to finish, here are some essential steps to get prepared.

Fill Holes And Cracks - All cracks and potholes should get filled to ensure that new parking lot striping is even, fresh, and crisp. These imperfections will stand out like sore thumbs, causing uneven or crooked lines if you don't.

Another valid reason to make these repairs is that potholes and cracks can worsen and spread, resulting in further damage to your parking lot.

Applying a layer of seal coating before striping your parking lot can prime the surface and provide a more professional finished parking lot.

Clean The Parking Lot - For best results, you'll want to be sure to clean any debris or trash from the surface of your parking lot. By doing so, you're taking steps to ensure that the new parking lot striping adheres to the entire surface area. Weeds and any overgrowth should also get removed before the striping crew arrives.

Establish Backup Parking - Even when making upgrades to your parking lot, it's critical to provide backup parking for guests, residents, employees, and visitors. Ideally, it would be best to notify anyone who could be affected by the project.

However, if this isn't possible for many reasons, posting signs and providing instructions helps direct traffic to temporary, alternative parking areas and keeps pedestrians from accidentally traversing over fresh parking lot striping or other markings.

Shut Off Sprinkler Systems - A dry surface area is a must when applying fresh striping to your parking lot. If your property has sprinkler systems installed nearby, take care to make sure they don't start operating before, during, or after the striping process. Any wetness or dampness can potentially cause issues with the finished product.

Consult With Professionals - Generally, commercial parking lot striping is a project best left in professionals' hands, because they understand proper striping layout. When you hire a company like Semper Fi Striping for your parking lot striping project in Texas, they can handle every aspect of the job.

Whether you need to change traffic direction, add reserved parking for curbside pickup, first responders, expectant mothers, or veterans, they understand the project's nature. They can help to complete all needed upgrades and work.

With years of experience, they can answer all the questions you have about maintaining a safe parking lot that meets your commercial needs, as well as any local, state, or federal accessibility requirements.

If a parking lot striping project is in your future, we hope these tips and tricks help you get prepared ahead of time.

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