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How Long Is A Parking Lot Stripe?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

If you're like many other commercial property owners, you don't give much thought to the technical details of maintaining a parking lot. After all, it's not your field of expertise.

Most commercial property owners would instead focus on marketing to new customers or filling that last empty office space in the building. However, remember this: It's your business, and some legalities come with any parking lot you operate, whether you operate a large company with a dozen lots, a strip mall, or a residential apartment complex.

For these reasons, it's essential to understand the technical details of maintaining a commercial parking lot. Let's talk about the most frequently asked questions.

How Long Is A Parking Lot Stripe?

The average length of a parking lot stripe is around twenty feet.

For most state and local ordinances, a parking lot stripe gets defined as the painted area between two sets of double parallel lines that mark the length of an aisle to facilitate vehicle throughput. If your parking lot is single-loaded with only one lane for traffic in each direction, then it doesn't matter whether you have wide stripes or not; local law requires an assembly lane.

Property owners should also give special attention to handicap-accessible parking spaces and their respective stripes. The most common state code for the length of an accessible parking space stripe is between eight and nine feet in width (2460*9) inches; however, some states such as California require a minimum of 3000 inches.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has local and state parking codes that must get adhered to when designing your accessible parking spaces. There is no variance for commercial property owners. In most cases, this means that a striped crosswalk has to exist between any adjacent disabled spot for it to comply with ADA law.

Upgrade Your Parking Lot Striping And Markings

If you are like many business owners, it's easy to ignore the signs of wear and tear until someone complains. However, as a responsible property owner, you shouldn't wait until they do. Investing in parking lot paint products should be prioritized after any new construction or renovation occurs.

Clear stripes and other markings, such as crosswalks, directional arrows, reserved parking, and defined no-parking zones, help ensure your customers, tenants, and employees feel secure. They also help ensure higher valuations on your property due to increased visibility and safety.

Leave Parking Lot Striping Projects To Professionals

Commercial property owners in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area can rely on Semper Fi Striping to provide professional striping services for parking lots. With decades of experience as professional parking lot stripers, handle parking lot striping projects of all sizes and scopes. Our team helps clients meet legal requirements, increase visibility, and enhance safety at their commercial property.


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