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What does a parking lot sweeper do?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Maintaining a clean parking lot plays an essential role in maintaining customer safety and satisfaction. When you hire a professional parking lot sweeping and cleaning company to handle all aspects of your parking lot care, you're making a wise business decision.

Wear and tear from pedestrians and vehicles can take a toll on the appearance of your lot.

Litter, engines with leaking fluids, and potholes all make your lot a less desirable place to want to park, so your business can suffer if people choose not to patronize your business.

Services that Semper Fi provide to help keep your property in top condition include:

Parking Lot Sweeping - Parking lot sweeping helps keep your lot or parking garage free and clear of litter, glass, and other debris that can damage your brand reputation, or visitor's vehicles. Generally, the more traffic your parking lot gets, the more likely it is to have trash left behind by guests and visitors.

Pressure Washing - Pressure washing services are ideal for lifting away surface debris, and automotive fluids that have penetrated the surface of your parking lot. Ideally, a parking garage and lot owner should complete this task at least once a year as part of their upkeep and maintenance routine.

Parking Lot Striping - Offering your guests and visitors parking spots, designated parking areas, and clear directions for navigating the lot helps to avoid accidents and other potential liabilities. For instance, assigning nearby parking for the disabled helps you to stay on the right side of ADA compliance requirements.

Like any property, the more proactive you are about conducting necessary upkeep on your parking lot, the more valuable the property will be.

Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping Services

For owners and managers of commercial parking lots and garages, keeping the lot full is critical to business success. If guests and visitors have several lots or garages from which to choose, they'll often select a lot that is clean and tidy over a mismanaged lot.

No one wants to risk driving their expensive vehicle into a lot or garage that looks unsafe or unclean.

Potholes can cause significant damages to a vehicle's suspension system and wheel alignment, and broken glass can puncture tires.

Failure to properly mark designated parking areas for emergency personnel and the disabled can put you at risk for lawsuits.

First Impressions Are Everything

If you want to bring more customers, visitors, and guests through your doors, providing them with a decent place to park is essential.

You can have the best business in town, but if people don't like or trust your parking lot, they'll drive by your place of business to visit your competitors.

Semper Fi Striping, a Veteran-owned and operated parking lot sweeping company in Fort Worth, Texas, is available to help you keep your parking lot or garage clean and safe all seasons of the year.

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