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Parking Lot Accessories

A parking lot has many different products that are installed for legal, safety, or functionality reasons. After years of wear and tear these products begin to break or become brittle. We are able to fully remove and replace these products. Don't try and DIY parking Lot Striping, it can be more complicated than you think.

Wheel-stops/ Bumpers

Concrete, plastic, or rubber wheel stops help keep vehicles bumpers from hitting buildings of signage. We are able to remove, dispose, and replace any wheel stop. Our wheel stops are generally installed using 5/8" rebar so they will not move when cars bump into them. We have multiple application methods to fit any need.


ADA, Stop, To-Go Parking, etc are all signs that need to be updated and installed in due time. We are able to create any custom metal sign and install at any size. Our field technicians are well versed in local regulations and guidelines for all signage.

Speed Bumps

Plastic, asphalt, or concrete we are able to slow down traffic where it is needed. Many parking lots are built without knowing the possible speed of traffic in that lot. Speed Bumps are a sure way to slow down this traffic making it safer for any pedestrians in the area. Speed Bumps are generally used to slow cars down to 5MPH.

Speed Humps

Speed humps are a more gradual speed bump that will slow cars down from 5-20MPH depending on the grade of the speed hump.

Speed Tables

Speed tables can be used on small roads or in neighborhoods to keep cars at the posted speed limit.

Rumble Strips

Rumble Strips are used for multiple purposes. The two most popular reasons for a rumble strip are to slow cars down and to alert drivers to an upcoming obstacle.


We have the ability to install metal bollards in order to protect items that are in the traffic area. Yes! We will paint them any custom color to fit your wants and needs. Bollards can be used to protect, signage, dumpsters, building, fences, or any other obstacle in a parking lot.

Clearance Bars

Clearance bars are a great way to ensure nobody hits anything in your parking lot. We can customize any clearance and make it out of any material to match the rest of your building. Clearance bars will make sure you are not liable for damage done to vehicles in your parking lot.

Pavement Markers

We can install reflective pavement markers in your parking lot or street to designate water lines, fire hydrants, hose connections, or any other thing that needs to be reflective. Reflective Pavement Markers can also be used to guide traffic or tractor trailers that may be operating at night when there is low visibility. 

Bike Racks

We can make custom bike racks to put near your building that will meet your city code. We install these using 1/2" concrete anchors.


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