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Pressure Washing

Our pressure washing services use top of the line equipment to complete your parking lot in a timely manner. Many pressure washing contractors are individually ran and can take up to weeks to complete some parking lots. Our crews are dedicated to completing all of your pressure washing needs and making your lot look brand new. 

Pressure Washing is the processes of removing surface material such as dirt, mud, mildew, mold and other contaminates from the exterior features of your house by using pressurized water onto a surface. Unlike pressure washing, power washing uses water that is heated to a hot temperature.

One option for paint preparation is surface cleaning. Surface cleaning the paint prior to painting it will remove all loose or chipped paint so that your new lines will stay looking good for years to come. If you do not opt in for the surface cleaning service then you run the risk of putting our quality paint on a bad contractors paint that will chip up in the future effecting the longevity and durability of your new paint. Uncover more benefits of pressure washing.

Pressure Washing Prep

 In many situations we use a chemical treatment that is spread across your parking lot the night prior to help loosen the oil stains and stuck on debris. This treatment helps ensure all residue is removed leaving your parking lot sparkling clean.

Pressure Washing Rig

 We use high pressure machines that have been proven to withstand all commercial and residential challenges.


 This service is useful for multiple purposes. If you have a bad parking lot striper that paint crooked lines, uses bad paint, or gives you a bad layout then we can completely remove your old lines and layout your parking lot the right way. This means you will only have one layer of good, quality paint on a fresh concrete surface that will last you for years.


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