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Parking Lot Striping Oklahoma City, OK

Our striping teams have been dedicated to re-striping parking lots in the Oklahoma City, OK area since 2014. We have years of striping experience and we bring your business peace of mind knowing our professionalism and traffic control are unmatched. No matter your parking lot striping needs, we can handle them; including stenciling, ADA blue blocks, load zones, parking lines, fire lanes, and much more.

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Parking Lot Striping Company in Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City, and surrounding city business owners: Let's face it, your parking lot is the first impression that your patrons have when visiting you, and we all know first impressions are everything. The last thing you want is for your customers to be confused by your parking lot striping, turned off by a dirty lot that needs sweeping or views your business as old with outdated parking lot accessories. Oklahoma City, OK is a beautiful city full of life, let's keep it that way by keeping the businesses looking great!

You have put so much work and effort into providing people with the best product. And you make sure that your building represents your product both inside and out, so don't skimp when it comes to your parking lot. With Semper Fi Striping, we are known for providing a beautiful straight-line parking lot stripe along with modern accessories. We must remind you that parking lot accessories also serve safety, functionality, and legal purposes. It might seem minuscule, but we take it very seriously, just the way your patrons take your business seriously. Choose the fastest growing striping company in Oklahoma City, OK, and contact us today!

Striping Paint

We have used many different brands and paints throughout the years. Most people do not know that depending on the surface being striped, a different type of paint is needed. As technology has evolved so, has the paint. We use top of the line road striping paint ensuring, paint longevity and durability in all traffic conditions.

Striping Machines

The ability to stripe the perfect parking line has a lot to do with the striping machine it comes from. We dedicate thousands of dollars a year updating our equipment and training our crews. Perfection is our only option.

Type of Striping

There are many types of striping methods and products. We do everything from Thermoplastic striping, parking lot striping, hot tape products, reflective striping, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Parking Lot Accessories

A parking lot has many different products that are installed for legal, safety, or functionality reasons. After years of wear and tear these products begin to break or become brittle. We are able to fully remove and replace these products.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lots tend to have a lot of traffic which creates a lot of trash. But trash isn't the only thing that needs to be swept. Our parking lot sweeping service includes sweeping leaves, asphalt rock, dirt, and any debris.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is the process of removing surface material such as dirt, mud, mildew, mold, and other contaminants from the exterior features of your house by using pressurized water onto a surface.

Parking Lot Striping Oklahoma City
Semper Fi Striping Oklahoma City

Leading Parking Lot Striping Services in Oklahoma City

Parking lot striping makes brilliant business sense. Whether you're constructing or managing a parking lot for a medical center, apartment complex, or retail storefront, or shopping center, a well-striped lot keeps traffic flowing.

Compliance is the outcome, and fewer accidents are likely to happen when done right. Depending on traffic flow and the harshness of weather conditions, it could be wise to stripe every year.

Regular maintenance and repairs help to keep the parking lot looking its best all year long in Oklahoma City.

Preparing For Parking Lot Striping

This first step in striping is a thorough sweeping of the parking lot. Removing all dirt, debris, and unwanted materials from the surface helps ensure the paint gets evenly applied and lasts.

Parking Lot Accessories

Some businesses will require parking lot accessories, depending on the property. A qualified parking lot striping company can help by placing speed humps; parking stops, speed bumps, signage, wheel chocks, wheel stops, and delineators. All of these accessories play specific roles in keeping the parking lot safer.

Parking Lot Pressure Washing

Parking lots endure constant exposure to traffic, sun, and inclement weather. There's no way to do maintenance only occasionally because the lots see traffic every day. Pressure washing is a service that helps keep the property looking its best by removing oil, engine fluids, stains, and spots that are common in parking lots.

Fresh striping plays an essential role in maintaining a lot. Visitors, guests, and employees all benefit from clear parking guidelines. Striping reduces the risks associated with haphazard parking while limiting the number of fender benders.

Improve Your Properties Appeal

The condition of the parking lot is always going to leave a lasting impression. Shady-looking or mismanaged lots are never a motorist's first choice. Why take the chance at showing a poor image to the world when parking lot striping services are affordable and accessible? Keeping your parking lot fresh, clean, and well-maintained gives you a competitive edge.


Other ways to improve the appeal of your overall property may consist of your company signage, your buildings window and remodeling needs, or even having your business vehicles wrapped by Wrap Garage and displayed as billboards. 

Ways Investing In Parking Lot Striping Pays You Back

Vastly improved aesthetics - Fresh paint always makes the property look its best. The more credible your lot looks from the outside, the more likely people will feel comfortable using it for parking.

ADA Compliance - Follow the rules set by the Americans with Disabilities Act to avoid fines and other complications that arise when reserved parking isn't available.

Reduce accidents - No one wants to park somewhere where they think there's a chance they could be in danger or their vehicle is at high risk.

When you need parking lot striping in Oklahoma City, contact Semper Fi Striping. We handle every aspect professionally. Give your guests, employees, visitors, and customers a lot where they can park with confidence.


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