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How Long Should Parking Lot Striping Last?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

As the owner or manager of a commercial property, keeping your parking lot safe, secure, and clearly marked for visitors is in everyone's best interest.

Generally, the average stripe painting lasts between one year to eighteen months. However, several factors can impact how long you can expect fresh striping to appear bright.

The Surface Substrate - When striping a concrete parking lot using a chlorinated rubber paint is recommended for best adherence. If striping a sealed or new asphalt parking lot, a waterborne fast setting acrylic paint is highly recommended. It's worth noting that applying a fresh coat of striping to damaged or cracked asphalt, concrete, or sealant is likely to produce less than stellar overall results. In the case of a severely damaged surface area, you might consider making significant repairs before striping the lot first.

Materials And Machinery - Ideally, parking lot paint should get applied with an airless striping machine using at least a 13-millimeter wet film thickness. Applying this amount helps to produce a high-quality lot marking. It's worth noting that some amount of the paint will naturally soak into the surface, which may give the appearance of a thinner coat. Due to this, applying two lighter coats of striping is advisable for the best results.

Traffic Volume - Not surprisingly, parking lots with substantial amounts of traffic in them are likely to get more wear and tear than less busy parking lots. As a result, the striping could deteriorate quicker as more vehicles use the parking spots and drive over the markers.

Weather Conditions - The longevity of parking lot striping services also get impacted by weather conditions. Exposure to direct sunlight and rainfall can contribute to fading and striping deterioration on outdoor parking lots. For this reason, parking garages and other types of covered parking lots might not need restriping quite as often as open outdoor lots.

Make Sure You Cover Your Bases Before Starting Your Project

It's advisable that before you start any parking lot striping project that you check that your lot meets all standards outlined by the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA requires that parking lot owners and operators provide a minimal number of accessible parking spots for the disabled based on overall parking capacity.

When restriping, this presents an excellent opportunity to ensure that your parking lot meets these standards so that you can avoid the potential of fines and penalties for violating these rules. If it's time for you to restripe your parking lot in Fort Worth, Texas, call the professionals at Semper Fi Striping for a quote on striping services. We're here to help your project go smoothly!

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