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How Often Should Parking Lot Lines Be Repainted?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

As a commercial property owner or manager, you want to save money while maintaining a high level of safety in your parking lot. And parking lot striping is one of your first lines of defense! They help direct visitors and keep traffic moving smoothly.

To provide a positive parking experience for employees, guests, and customers, you should watch for signs that it's time to repaint your parking lot striping. To help you save on time and prevent property damage, here are telltale signs indicating your parking lot needs repainting:

Faded Or Receding Lines - If the paint has worn away from the concrete or asphalt surface, you need to have it repainted before more of the line continues to fade. Not only will this help with safety, but having faded lines can damage your asphalt. The permanent paint contains chemicals that help protect the road from oxidation and prevent cracks in the surface.

People Driving Badly - Cracked or broken asphalt, faded lines, potholes (and other road damage) can all contribute to drivers swerving and driving erratically. If this is happening in your parking lot, it may be time for an inspection to determine whether repairs or restriping services are in order.

The Lot Was Last Restriped Years Ago - When you last repainted your parking lot, the company should have offered guidance indicating when the lot will need repainting. Repaving is usually recommended every five to 10 years, depending on traffic volume and all other considerations.

Cracks And Potholes - Cracks and potholes are dangerous and make it hard for the paint to stick. Repairing these problems before a restriping project will help your asphalt remain in top shape and last longer.

Haphazard Parking - If parking lot striping is even just a little bit off, it can be challenging to navigate for motorists and pedestrians alike. In addition, cars may end up parked across painted lines or in other non-parking spaces if you don't know how long is a parking stripe supposed to be. Poorly parked vehicles make the lot look unkempt and disorganized, defeating the purpose of having nice parking lots.

It's always in the parking lot owners' best interest to have their lot inspected for any damage and make timely repairs to keep everyone who uses the lot safe. If any of the above signs are apparent on your commercial parking lot, it may be time to have your parking lot repainted.

If you have further questions about how often asphalt parking lots need repainting, contact the professionals at Semper Fi Striping today! As a veteran-owned business, we're proud to have served our country, as well as our valued clients in the Greater Fort Worth, Texas area. So please reach out today for a free estimate or learn more about Semper Fi Striping.


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