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Parking Lot Markings: Why It's Important That You Understand Them

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

When you own a commercial property, many things need to get handled properly. One of those is parking lot striping. This article will explore why it's crucial to understand parking lot markings and how Semper Fi Striping can help you meet ADA requirements for your parking lot.

What Are The Meanings Behind Parking Lot Pavement Markings

If you've ever paid attention to the markings in parking lots, you might have a few questions about using colored paint in the design and integration.

White and yellow lines are used on a pavement edge or to separate lanes to keep vehicles in line. When applied to roadways, these lines indicate what motorists can or cannot do when driving. Solid lines indicate non-passing zones, while broken or long-dashed lines allow motorists to pass other vehicles.

Other vital markers, including crosswalks, stop lines, and parking spaces, get marked using white lines. Symbols, like directional arrows, are in white too.

The only exception that falls outside the colors yellow and white is blue. Blue is the sole color reserved to mark parking spots for the disabled.

Are Faded Lines And Markers A Liability?

Commercial property owners must follow the current fire code and ADA specifications in parking lot striping. Parking lot markings are a must for the safety of all and an expense you're not willing to take.

Just one complaint from a disabled person could jeopardize your company in multiple ways. First, the reputation hit you'll take for not being accessible. Second, the potential financial hit you'll take from fines and penalties.

Provide The Best Experience For Visitors And Guests

Clearly marked shapes, symbols, and stripes denote the rules. These markings outline turning guides, crosswalks, lane boundaries, and warning signs for potential hazards. Pavement markings should work in combination with other signage to guide motorists safely.

Create A Safer Environment At Your Parking Lot

Stripes and markings aren't the only components that make your parking lot safer for visitors. Other parking lot accessories that improve your lot include:

Curb Ramps - Curb ramps allow people with disabilities to drive over curbs and parking blocks, improving accessibility.

Wheel Stops - Wheel stops are barriers that prevent cars from parking too close to other vehicles or objects like trees or light poles.

Speed Bumps And Humps - Speed bumps and humps reduce the speed of oncoming traffic, ensuring it's safer for pedestrians.

Get A Free Parking Lot Assessment In Texas

Semper Fi Striping offers parking lot assessments in Texas. Ask for a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation with one of our parking lot specialists to discuss any issues you're experiencing. Our team will evaluate your parking area for safety concerns, ADA compliance, and more so that you meet visitors' needs with ease.

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