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Parking Lot Striping: Is it for you?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

As a commercial parking lot owner, providing a safe, clean, and clear parking lot striping is always in your best interest. If you've overlooked this vital aspect of maintaining your parking lot, here are reasons to take this situation seriously.

Legal Compliance

To remain in compliance with ADA laws, you must provide handicapped-accessible parking that meets strict regulations, including available clearances and signage that defines these reserved spots for disabled or mobility-challenged guests. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in costly fines and penalties for violating the guidelines of the American With Disabilities Act.

More Security

Parking lot owners must legally provide safe places for residents, employees, customers, visitors, and guests to park while they're on your property. Fresh parking lot striping, combined with regular cleaning and maintenance, ensure your lot or garage is easier to use.

Marked parking spots, directional arrows, and painted crosswalks provide guidance and order in your lot.

When visitors don't see parking lot striping, they aren't sure where they should stop when pulling in their vehicles, which can reduce the overall number of available parking spots. If crosswalk markings aren't available, the likelihood of a pedestrian accident increases.

If directional arrows are missing, drivers could get confused about the traffic flow, potentially resulting in accidents, traffic jams, or in worst cases, parking lot rage. Because of the risks involved, we do not recommend striping yourself.

Avert Parking Lot Liability

Nearly twenty percent of vehicle accidents occur in parking lots for various reasons, including distracted drivers and pedestrians. However, if poor parking lot conditions contribute to the accident, parking lot owners can get held partially or fully responsible for the mishap.

Make Your Lot More Marketable

Undoubtedly, legal compliance and safety are top reasons to keep the parking lot striping crisp and fresh. But another good reason to keep your lot properly striped is to improve the property's overall curb appeal. When passersby see a well-maintained parking lot that's free from litter and other negative detractions, they're more likely to be comfortable parking there.

Maximize Your Parking Lot Or Garage

As a property owner, the more return you can get on your investment, the better. When you choose a professional parking lot striping company like Semper Fi Striping to maintain your lot, they take great care to utilize the area with properly spaced parking lot stripes, and mark the appropriate number of accessible parking spots to meet local, state, or federal regulations.

Further, they can help establish other specialized parking areas, such as short-term parking for pickup, curbside or carryout services, reserved parking for expectant mothers, and restricted parking areas for first responders.

When you weigh the benefits of parking lot striping services and the ease at which you can get this done, there's no logical solution for putting it off any longer.

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