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Preparing For Parking Lot Striping

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

If you manage, own, or operate a parking lot, scheduling regular maintenance, including parking lot striping, when needed, plays an essential role in upholding the overall safety and security of your commercial property.

Generally, parking lot owners and operators should consider a fresh coat of parking lot striping when the existing markings have faded by about 25%. In many cases, it takes about two years to reach this point. However, heavy traffic and exposure to harsh weather result in parking lot striping fading faster.

Luckily, professional parking lot striping services provided by companies like Semper Fi Striping offer a streamlined solution to restriping lots and garages of all sizes. But, before the striping crew gets started, here are some pointers on how to prepare before they arrive.

Do A Parking Lot Inspection - It's worth noting that applying new parking lot striping won't repair other pre-existing issues at your lot. If you find potholes, cracks, damaged seal coating, or drainage problems, it's a smart idea to complete the needed repairs before striping. There's little reason to invest in fresh striping if the rest of your parking lot is in disrepair!

Parking Lot Sweeping - A thorough sweeping of your parking lot ahead of scheduled striping helps ensure the best results. Loose debris such as grass, dirt, sand, or trash can prevent parking lot striping from adhering to the surface as it should. Depending on the company you hire, this service could be included or available as an "add-on" service. Or, you always have the option to complete the task yourself using a broom or leaf blower.

Turn Your Sprinklers Off - If you use a sprinkler or irrigation system on your property, you'll want to be sure to turn it off the day before you're going to stripe your lot. You should also check the weather to ensure rain isn't in the forecast, as the lot should be completely dry

for twenty-four hours before and after striping.

Provide Lead Time And Clear The Parking Lot - To avoid inconveniencing customers, residents, employees, and other visitors, you'll want to give them notice of your planned maintenance. Your lot should be empty of vehicles so that contractors can complete the job readily.

Erect Traffic Barriers And Cones - To avoid the potential for paint damage, keeping vehicles and traffic off your parking lot is imperative until the paint dries thoroughly. Generally, traffic cones and barriers help divert traffic away. Signage can prove helpful in providing alternative parking options or directions to allowed parking areas.

By taking these preventative measures before striping your commercial parking lot in the Fort Worth, Texas area, you're taking steps to ensure your investment increases curb appeal, safety, and security upon completion of the project.

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